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When trying for television coverage, how is your situation unique from all the thousands of others trying to get the same coverage? You must have something that stands out from the group, whether it is a presentation or your message. You will have approximately five to ten seconds to get the audience's attention and between fifteen and thirty seconds to get your message across. Be very prepared even when you don't expect coverage to show up.

The same is true as in television interviews. Make sure that all the people are on the same page when discussing your concerns. You will have more time to discuss your project as long as it is informative and well prepared.

Several alternatives here are presented with letters to the editor, guest columns, posting comments at the end of stories. When a reporter comes to your meeting or rally, try to get one person as your spokesperson. However, do not try to keep other people from talking to the reporter, but have them speaking in favor of the groups position on your project.

You should have a web site up and running so that people can find out information about your project. There can also be a blog site available so that people can post comments in support of your cause.

While Facebook has been a favorite, it must be used with caution. whatever is posted on this media is available for all to see even the opposition.

Us the Twitter account to pass along information about your cause to like-minded friends.

Create connections through this media with other groups similar to your group.