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Hold informational meetings to inform the public how this project will impact their lives. Meetings will also be invaluable for members of your group to trade and share ideas or information on new tactics that become available as your proceed with your project. When people become aware of how it impacts their lives, the potential of new members and new ideas arise.

Rallies is one of the easiest and effective ways to let the uninformed public know about your project. Some of the practices can be with a roadside rally, going to the local flea market, farmer's market of other local gatherings to pass out fliers stating your position. At roadside rallies, make sure that people driving by can read your signs and banners driving at full speed without causing possible accidents.

People do not want to read a book when you are passing out flyers so keep it simple with three to five bullet points per flier. Always have your contact information on your materials. When you pique the interest, they wiull contact you for more information and the chance of joining your cause.